Our Origin Story


Aerosphere's journey began in Stellenbosch on November 1st, 2013. Born from the long time vision of Jason Grey, a commercial helicopter pilot driven by a deep affinity for high performance apparel, eyewear, and optics.

Initially conceived as Aerospace, Grey's venture faced a legal crosswind that demanded a shift in nomenclature, birthing the brand Aerosphere. The revised identity resonated strongly within the downhill MTB communities of California and the UK, gradually extending its allure to a diverse audience of extreme sports enthusiasts around the world. Their affinity for flight in all it's forms, revealed the young brands golden thread that weaved together this extreme sports community.

The transformative year of 2017 marked a strategic dialogue between Grey and brand ambassador Josh Bull, contemplating the integration of a technical eyewear into the apparel lineup. This concept first materialized as Downhill MTB goggles, swiftly captivating attention through sold-out demos on Instagram. In response, Aerosphere responded to destiny, pivoting into the realm of eyewear, sparking a meticulous two-year exploration into lens technology by Grey.

Guided by the expertise of a gifted and industry renowned 20-year lens technologist, Grey's unwavering commitment to lens quality, often referred to as his "OCD," became the foundation of that mentorship. This alliance birthed five distinctive frames – Airborne, Slipstream, Vortex, Phantom, and Nanotech – further enhancing the brand's lineup. The MKII began as the second generation of the best selling Martial frame, and now multiple other models and lenses are on the growing list of products.


With Grey’s passion for optics and technology, Aerosphere’s vision is to inspire you with advanced wearable technology you didn't know you needed, and enhance your life.



Eye health is incredibly important to us. Our lens technologist is at the cutting edge of lens technology and advancements, and constantly evaluates what we offer to make sure we're delivering a premium range of products, and the highest quality optics available on the planet. We confidently welcome any independent tests of our premium lenses.



Sustainability and material control is something we care deeply about at Aerosphere. That's why we offer lens upgrades for all our frames, and our dual purpose packaging is designed to be your sunglass carry case, limiting needless landfill content.  



We are laser-focused on customer service and your shopping experience, so we commit to treating every customer with dignity and respect. All our support is done in-house, and not farmed out to any third parties. If you have any questions or need support, we're here to help.



When you buy our products, you're telling the industry that quality optics matters, and that small independent brands can take on giants, and win. We truly appreciate your belief in us, motivating us even more to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible.


Thank you.