Night Harvest Nostalgia

 Last week Saturday saw the return of the most prestigious dirt jump competition South Africa has to offer, that kicked off as the sun descended over Hout Bay, Cape Town - The Night Harvest 2016, presented by Monster Energy. The Night Harvest is an annual dirt event held under the lights of Potato Trails in Cape Town, bringing together BMXers, Mountain Bikers, and large enthusiastic Capetonian crowds for a killer evening of dirt jumping. This year it certainly didn't disappoint, with more than 1500 people arriving to watch this spectacle. With large perfectly groomed dirt jumps built by The Trails Crew, and an excited crowd, the stage was set for an incredible event, and trust me, it was nothing short of that. Cape Town based film maker, Thomas Sandell, was there to catch all of The Night Harvest 2016 action, and put together this banger edit for anyone who missed out on the night.


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