Danny's done it again!

insane trials rider, and all round bicycle maniac, Danny MacAskill, has a reputation for producing absolute banger edits, with his latest, Aviemore Spring, being no exception to this! Aboard his Inspired Bikes vehicle of choice, Danny once more takes to the streets with his own unique style of trials riding stringing together some of the most technical and creative lines we've ever seen.

Trials on his trail bike

Riding for Mongoose bicycles, Chris Akrigg, gives us his own unique take on trail riding, as he tries to make the most of his not so exciting, rather run down holiday resort. Trail bikes were never intentionally designed to be used for trials riding, but that doesn't stop Chris from trying out some new lines on his Mongoose Teocali anyway.

Mini-Flipping Home

Brett Reeder sets out with only his bike, a sony action cam, a very small ramp, and 10 days to circumnavigate the world. His challenge; mini-flip his way home to Toronto, Canada, in just 10 days. Join mountain bike slopestyle legend, Brett Reeder, as he embarks on a worldwide adventure trying to mini-flip his way around the most iconic sites in the world in just 10 days with Sony Action Cam.

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