Seb Toots hits the streets

Sebastien Toutant is undeniably the all time king of rails when it comes to street snowboarding! Seb Toots compiles an edit of all of his most gnarly snowboarding street clips for his latest banger- Seb Toots Best of street. This edit, by the Red Bull Snowboarder, certainly lives up to it's name, as this is most definitely one of the best snowboard street edits we've ever seen!

Seb Toots Best of street from Seb Toots on Vimeo.


Mike's Tiny Trailer Home

Heading off to Alaska, towing his tiny house, snowboarder Mike Basich goes deep into the Alaskan wilderness in search of adventure, and the best ridge lines Alaska has to offer. Gopro were thankfully on hand to bring us this short film documenting his mini expedition from start to finish as he builds his tiny custom man cave from scratch, and tests it out in the Alaskan outdoors. 

Crazy Candide Thovex

When it comes to interesting extreme videos, they really don't get more interesting, or extreme for that matter, than those of the crazy French Film-making Freestyle skier, Candide Thovex. Stringing together some of the most insane freestyle lines we've ever seen on skies, Candide Thovex does it all, from super tech transitions to massive road gap senders, all the while bringing us his first person POV.

Dual Double Flips

The only feeling better than doing a double backflip, is doing a dual double backflip side by side with a friend. GoPro brings us this rad perspective of freestyle skiers Fabian Bösch and Christof Schenk sending close proximity dual double backflips over the snow castle at the Suzuki Nine Knights 2015. Thank goodness for GoPros!

Water Parks all year round

The Redbull snowboarding young guns Red Gerard, Brendan Gerard, and Toby Miller certainly don't let the Water Park fun end with the winter in their latest edit, Snowmusement, as they take their snowboards to the frozen slides, for some winter fun in the sun!

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