SFF- Surfing Friends Forever

Professional surfers Bianca Buitendag and Johanne Defay make a quick getaway and escape to Tahiti to focus on the things that are most important to them- surfing, and their friendship. Luckily for us Gopros were on hand to bring us all of the party wave madness that went down as these girls ripped it up in Tahiti! 

Hey Joe!

Ever wondered what its like to be a Grom surfing with the best? Rip Curl give us an all access look into the life of surfing grom Joe Van Dijk whilst he stays amongst world champions in the Hawian Rip Curl house. Prepare yourself for some laughs, chuckles, and jaw dropping barrels.

Revel in the talent that is John John

When John John Florence gets out on his surfboard, magical things happen.That's why we have something slightly different for you guys this Monday, a compilation brought to you by Freesurf Magazine, of all of John John Florence's best fails on his surfboard, as he continually pushes the limits with his creativity of what's possible on a surfboard.This video is not to ridicule, but rather simply to revel in the talent that is John John Florence.

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