Aerosphere Pty Ltd. is a pilot owned eyewear company offering premium lenses and frame combinations to serve people who live for adventure. Our commitment to fitting the best lens technology comes from our strict aviation culture of standard operating procedures. Nothing leaves the flight line before we've done a full pre-flight and signed the products out as operationally ready.

We import our premium-quality lenses from Israel, Europe, and Asia. Our lens laboratory in Cape Town, South Africa, uses advanced laser-guided machines to measure, shape, and fit each unique lens set. Our frames are made from aviation-grade Extremis™, a highly durable, extremely lightweight Swedish thermo-polymer.

To experience the very best optics on the planet, we recommend you talk to one of our experts online, so we can fit you with a product that perfectly suits your lifestyle. The one size fits all approach to eyewear is not a model we prescribe to, preferring to customize your purchase and ensure you have a world-class optical experience.

We recognize quality comes with a premium, so we've added tools to help you manage the costs, from fitting our upgraded lenses to your existing frames, trading in your sunglasses against a new pair as well as offering a monthly payment option through our registered financial partner, Mobicred.

Flight is an unforgettable experience, no matter what you fly, and we aim to build that into everything we do, from our packaging to customer service and everything in between.


The Team