Our Story

Our Story

At Aerosphere, Design & Flight are in our DNA. Seemingly simple concepts, they are both challenging pursuits. Disciplines that require constant learning, humility and energy.

Our founder, a career helicopter pilot, conceived the Aerosphere brand 15 years ago on the shores of Southern Africa. He reasoned that the experience of flight, in all it's forms, hadn't been reflected in popular subculture and determined he would develop a brand that did. It was during his years in London, where he would work on designing a recognisable international symbol for flight, settling finally for a form of the pilot epaulette in the 4 stripes logo. 

This logo, coupled with the name Aerosphere, which means "all forms of flight" was then internationally trade mark registered. Aerosphere Pty Ltd was registered in South Africa not long after that, and the production of the "flight experience" clothing brand got underway. 

Along came the anti-gravity MTB riders as early adopters, seeing Aerosphere as a voice for their love of flight. Extreme sports athletes from all disciplines now make up the brand.

As we continue to expand our Cape Tonian brand, Aerosphere Europe Ltd. is breaking ground in the UK and Aerosphere USA has recently been incorporated. We now manufacture locally in the UK, California and certain specialist products requiring considerable technical skill in Beijing.

As we continue to grow, and strive to push our boundaries in design, You, our fans are pushing the boundaries of flight. As you take the jumps higher, launch the waves further and take the human form higher and faster into the air, we're inspired to let this brand speak for all of us.

Aerosphere is for those who fly.