About Us

Aerosphere was founded in November 2013 by Jason Grey, a helicopter pilot turned entrepreneur when he couldn't find apparel to match his passion for flight.

Grey set out to build a clothing brand for pilots that he named Aerospace, but legal forced a name change and Aerosphere was born. The new brand was embraced by the downhill MTB communities in California and the UK. Then more extreme sports athletes started to resonate with the high-energy Stellenbosch startup. 

In 2017, Grey and brand ambassador Josh Bull started to discuss adding a technical product to the apparel lineup. That technical product was Downhill MTB goggles, and the demos sold out in under an hour on Instagram. The company immediately pivoted into eyewear which turned out to be the start of a 2-year lens technology rabbit hole for Grey. Under intense guidance from a 20-year lens technologist veteran, a mentor-ship born from Grey's lens quality "OCD", 5 more frames were eventually added to the Aerosphere lineup. The Airborne, Slipstream, Vortex, Phantom, and Nanotech frames.


With Grey’s passion for optics and technology, Aerosphere’s vision is to inspire you with advanced wearable technology you didn't know you needed, and enhance your life. 


Thanks to an incredibly loyal and growing customer base, Aerosphere's story continues. 



Sustainability and material control is something we care about at Aerosphere. That's why we offer a trade-in program on old frames, so we can up-cycle and make old frames available for re-sale through our Optometrist partners. 



Eye health is incredibly important to us. Our lens technologist is at the cutting edge of lens technology and advancements, and constantly evaluates what we offer to make sure we're delivering a premium range of products.



We are laser-focused on customer service and your shopping experience, and so we commit to treating every customer with dignity and respect. All our support is done in-house, and not farmed out to any third parties. if you have any questions or need support, we're here to help.