Ride in peace Stevie.

It is with an incredibly sad heart that we bid the passing of another great in the world of extreme sports, downhill mountain bike legend Stevie Smith. After his second place finish in Lourdes, 26 year old Canadian Stevie Smith was looking set to have a strong come back season this year after multiple seasons plagued by injuries and set backs. Stevie, very unfortunately, experienced massive brain injuries after a motorcycle accident back home between races, which resulted in his passing. The World of Downhill Mountain Biking certainly lost a legend yesterday.


In honour of Stevie's life, we decided to post this video from 2007 that was filmed before any of his success as a professional Mountain Biker. This edit showed not only Stevie's passion for the sport, but also his drive and determination that led him to become one of the greats and only 26. You did it Stevie.

Ride in peace. 

Stevie Smith - Seasons Segment from Anthill Films on Vimeo.


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