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lifetime frames

Our frames are made from a Swedish polymer known as TR90, the titanium of polymers. We're so confident in our frames we guarantee them for life.

Friction Frame

On the Martial frame we've increased the tension in the hinge to give the arms gripping power. This way they don't fall off when you're out in the wild. Where you set the arm is where it will stay.

Eye Facing Lens tech

When you're active, sunlight can shine onto the inside of your lens. Our anti-glare coating will reduce any loss of visibility so you can stay focused.

Polarised Non-Scratch

Quality is our main focus, so we fitted Polarised Non-scratch lenses to all of our sunglasses. This high end feature will protect your eyes and your lenses.

Hidden stabilization

We hid one more feature on the Martial frame we know you'll enjoy. At the apex of the hinge is a beveled recess where a friction pad on the arm locks in. You're ready for action

UV 405 Protection

Our lenses have been tested to protect your eyes up to UV 405 level, with certification from ISO 12312-1:2013+A1 (Europe) ANSI z80.3-2010 (USA) AS/NZS 1067,2009 (Australia & New Zealand)


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The journey from amateur athlete to professional household name requires more than just determination. It takes talent, drive, commitment and hours of hard work when everyone else has taken the day off.

The secret is working with people who believe like you do. Who can see your vision, and who have the expertise to guide you towards your dream. The ones who listen to the frustrations but who always remind you of your potential.

At Aerosphere, we make products that reflect our passion for seeing what others miss. The ability to see hidden talent, and nurture greatness. Our sunglasses are a metaphor of that ethos.

Our vision is to guide athletes to realize their potential and achieve success. To find out more, join our newsletter below.

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