We all have our favourite bike park rippers, who get out there on their downhill rigs and produce amazing edits of them sending their favourite lines on their home trails. However, what we started to wonder is, can a World Cup Downhill racer produce a riding edit with as much style as any bike park hero out there? 

To answer this question, we set 2 simple rules:

  1. The rider has to be current and have competed on the UCI Mountain Biking World Cup circuit in 2015. 
  2. The edit had to be one intentionally filmed and produced for pure enjoyment, not simply footage from their world cup races throughout the season of them racing.

Here is what we found: 

The Top 4 Best Downhill Mountain Biking edits produced by World Cup Downhill racers, to show a racer really can make an entertaining edit.

Downhill MTB edit #4: Spring Downhill 14 Featuring Steve Smith and Josh Bryceland

Josh Bryceland and Stevie Smith show off the range of Fox downhill kit is this gem of an edit, full of steeze, and some face melting slow motion.

Downhill MTB Edit #3. Bernard Kerr's First Whistler Shred of the Season 

Pivot cycles rider Bernard Kerr takes us on some super stylish laps of his favourite trails at Whistler Mountain Bike Park in his first Whistler shred of the season. Throwing down some suicide no handers, toboggans, and some super stylish whips on his downhill bike, Bernard Kerr shows us how to have fun on your bike at Whistler.

Downhill MTB Edit #2. Josh 'Ratboy' Bryceland: Madeira Dreamin

Josh Bryceland takes us on some playful runs, aboard the Santa Cruz Bronson, in Madeira. Making is look easy, Josh Bryceland, puts the Bronson through its paces showing us all his unique style on a bike in this golden nugget of an edit.

Downhill MTB Edit #1. In the know- Connor Fearon

Aboard his Kona Operator, Connor Fearon shows us all his true colours by pushing the limits on just how much style one person can fit into a 3 minute edit. Ripping everything thing at super high speeds, Connor Fearon still throws his Kona sideways at every available opportunity in this banger of an edit, stealing our number 1 spot for the best, most stylish, downhill edit by a World Cup Racer.



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