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I just received my glasses and I can already feel the difference when using my computer.
Thanks for the awesome service!

Great glasses

I purchased a pair for the large amount of screen time I spend on my laptop and phone and then a second for driving. Really impressed with the quality and lenses. My new go to sunnies.

Amazing clarity and comfort

This is the second pair of Aerosphere sunglasses I've bought .Again I'm impressed: the clarity you get is unsurpassed – all the detail without the glare – and the frames are very lightweight and comfortable. Overall, a superb product.

Thanks also to Jason for all his help.

Superb for Cycling

These are the best sunglasses I've ever worn. The clarity is astonishing – it's the world without any of the glare. As a bonus, it's effective in keeping most dust out without any fogging.

great service

very happy with the product

Best purchase ever

I spend about 8 to 12 hours in front of the PC every day, with two screens in my face. I purchased my pair three weeks ago and I must say it has made a huuuuge difference! My eyes do not get so tired, my sleeping patterns have definitely improved as I fall asleep a lot faster and my quality of sleep feels to have improved. Ordering a pair for my wife as well now.
Awesome product!

Great value and greater performance!

Quick delivery, and good communication from sales staff. Glasses work really well, they block out the bright LED light without ruining the colours on my PC monitor. This is especially great since I am doing colour sensitive work with graphics.

Best product yet

These sunglasses are unreal. You can tell a cheap pair by just holding them these are not cheap you can tell by holding feeling and looking though the lens these are absolutely amazing.

Stoked for days

The service is epic, but not as epic as my new specta-cales!! Jay's passion for sunnies had me sold left, right and center, I hadn't even put them on yet and I was already in love, I cant say what happened next... but my relationship with my new specs is like one of those unhealthy ones - inseparable. When I enter the great outdoors or take the casual walk to my garage, I do'th not without my Aerosphere Sunnies! **Insert massive shaka here! Thanks Jay.

Aerosphere Airborne

Great Convenience

Wow Guys, what a pleasure. Light, Comfortable and the convex arms are such a pleasure to have holding the "Sunnies" in place on my face and cap. Being a golfer sun glasses falling off your head or cap can become quite costly. The phantoms are great for rap around vision and "stability" on your face its like they not even there except of course there is no glare. Great Job guys keep it up!!

Champion sleeper

Such a brilliant product, really solved a large problem of mine as i often work behind a computer till late at night. Experienced a much improve sleeping pattern once using these bad boys

Lifetime investment

Knowing that I only have one pair of eyes and that they can not be replaced makes taking care of my eye health so much more important to me. This product is awesome and I can feel the difference in eye fatigue when I am not wearing them. Great product and great results because of them. Thanx Guys

Slept like a Tombstone

These are great. You dont realise how great till you wear them for the good old Sunday night-grind till the early hours of the morn and find that you slept harder than an infant in the womb and corpse in a coffin combined! My nano-techs are on my face now most evenings in front of the TV, PC or my phone before bed and have truly made their mark.

Pull in

Really something to pull in on. I started using them cause of gaming and how tired my eyes would get while playing and how foggy I would feel in the morning because of all the screen time. They really have made a difference🔥🤙🏻

Unexpected and worthwhile

I often work on my laptop during evenings. After giving these a try (and being a bit sceptical), I have experienced a remarkable improvement in my sleep patterns and quality of sleep. An excellent investment, at a reasonable price.

Only the best pair of sunnies I've ever owned

I have the slipstreams in aztec gold and I'm loving them!
With the smooth elegant frame and with any colour lense you can never go wrong with the slipstream. It fits extremely comfortably and doesn't feel flimsy or fragile. This frame is solid! And then the most important, the lense: high quality lense which is very important to protect those two eyes in your head!
Nothing I'd rather wear!



Love the way it sits. Doesn't move even when I'm on my bike riding trails. Definitely prefer these sunglasses for everyone out there!

Great Design

The clarity and protection the Vortex provides is great for anyone operating in sandy desert environments or shooting sports. The combination of clarity, protection and comfort make these a must-have for my lifestyle.

Great quality

I bought a pair of the Airborne in grey polarized rezonite and I can’t believe how clear they are. My job as a helicopter pilot requires clear vision with no glare and these sunglasses deliver on that! The frames are sturdy, comfortable and can put up with everything I go through in the day. Great product and customer service!

Amazing pair of sunglasses!!

Really recommend this pair of sunglasses! Excellent quality and really comfortable. I have worn them for 10+ hours straight without experiencing any pain. Plus, the design is absolutely sick!

Clarity and Comfort galore!

I upgraded from my trusty Aerosphere Martial 3.0 's to the lighter Airborne frames. I upgraded the lenses as well to Polarized Rezonite Carbon Black! Wow! Awesome comfort and unbelievable clarity. My eyes are thanking me daily! Great service as always from Jason who took time out to give me a personal demo and ensure I got the right combo!

Airborne Rezonite

Went the whole hog and got the Rezonite lenses. Worth every cent. The clarity is un *wait for it* real. Do yourselves a favour and unlock your eyes' potential.

Amazing Tech!

I design for hours behind an iMac, and with these on I don't get eye fatigue anymore. Pretty remarkable tech. Highly recommended


For someone like myself who breaks things so easily these poor frames were really put through their paces. Like DAMN. My favourite aspects of these frames were their almost indestructible integrity and Gecko toe like grip on my head. They would stay on no matter how crazy the marsh pit got!

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